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All of the tiles on this page are handpainted with underglazes.

this allows a great freedom with colors and styles.

These designs can be done on handmade or pre-bisque tiles. Pre-bisque tiles make for an easy installation since they come in standard sizes.

hand made tiles can be cut to any shape and add another level of originality to the piece.

All of these designs are clear coated in a gloss overglaze and can be low or high fired.

This is only a small sample of what can be done with this technique.



New underglazed Heron Panel, 6" tiles


Six Tile Mural of Elkhorn Slough

pre-bisque 6"x6" tiles


Santa Cruz Lighthouse



Capitola wharf, 8"x16"

Capitola 2




Capitola 3



Hand painted mural of St. Mary's cathedral

Approx. 24"x24"

Heron Tile in Talavera Style

8" x 8"