The map began as a proposal to fulfill the public art component required for the new Bonny Doon Fire Station 34 by Santa Cruz County.


It was decided that the project needed to be a useable map of the area.

By using GIS information, Aerial photographs, and county fire maps, Bonny Doon was rendered in clay.


Hand made all the way through, the map is a beautiful piece of art.

Hopefully it serves useful not only as a map of Bonny Doon, but as a symbol of community for the region watched over by its volunteer firefighters.

The map is located at the new Bonny Doon Fire Station 34 at the corner of Empire Grade and Felton Empire Road.


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4"x6" color gift cards of the map are now available through the Bonny Doon Volunteer Fire department as a fundraiser to help complete the new station.

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